I started this blog because back when I was more active on MyFace and Twatter, people frequently told me “I read every single thing you post, because I love your take on stuff.”

Suffice it to say, I write this to keep my own head from exploding in our crazy world. If you’ve read something that moved you, made you laugh, or caused you to consider a different point of view, then I’m thrilled. Conversely, if something I’ve written seems a bit off-base, I’d like to know your thoughts.

Bottom-line, this blog is not being used as a weapon to personally offend anyone—so if you do take offense at anything contained herein, remember, that’s YOUR issue, not mine. Here in Hicksville and *most* of the United States, we still have the right to freely speak our minds; that includes my right to use the adjectives, pronouns, nouns and definitions that *I* and the vast majority of the population identify with. (Translated for the thick-headed: keep your self-appointed P.C. Speech Police crap to yourself.)

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